The first teaser trailer for 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' drops

By: Mark Duque | 2 years ago

See young Dumbledore in action.

Tomb Raider: Review

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 2 years ago

Tomb Raider may be the best video game adaptation to date.

Justice League: Review

By: Stef Atega | 2 years ago

Don't worry; the Justice League movie is watchable.

The new ‘Justice League’ trailer wastes no time showing who the big hero is

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 2 years ago

Aquaman is the real star here.

Here we go with another 'Tomb Raider' movie

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 2 years ago

Even though her real-life origins can be traced to what's in-between the adolescent male's legs, there is more to Lara Croft than just being a woman attached to a pair of boobs. For instance: she is also a psychopath ma

Dunkirk: Review

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 3 years ago

Who knew that after years of toying with our brains, the weirdest thing director Christopher Nolan could come up with is a historic movie? There isn't any spinning totem at the end or a surprise visit from Batman - this

Wonder Woman dominates in PH Box Office

By: Stef Atega | 3 years ago

It's no wonder that the first live-action movie adaptation of Wonder Woman is a phenomenal hit at the box office. Since its local premiere last June 1, the newest DC film garnered P233 million worth, and is still increas

This new Justice League trailer shows changes in the Avengers formula

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 3 years ago

If there seems to be a drought in superhero movies this early in 2017, always remember that like emails in the office, these things come in droves when you least expect it. And just like emails, it's always the ones you

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