6 Marvel Cinematic Universe Characters We Would Love to See with Wolverine on the Big Screen

By: Don Cabuhat | 2 years ago

The glowing reviews are in and Logan is a bonafide hit. After wielding the adamantium claws for 17 years, Hugh Jackman finally told the media that it felt like it was the right time for him to say goodbye to the iconic r

Logan: Review

By: Carlos Zotomayor | 2 years ago

Everybody knows that Wolverine is the best member in the X-Men. When your special abilities are a regenerative healing factor and being hairier than a crate of Furbies, shooting lasers out of your eyeballs and charging

'Logan' closes the book on Wolverine and starts a new chapter for X-23

By: Stef Atega | 3 years ago

We're only several days away from the local premiere of the much-awaited Logan. The film, which features a much older Wolverine played by a bearded Hugh Jackman, opens with the titular character taking care of a weakene

The trailer for X-Men: Apocalypse looks wicked awesome

By: GameGulp Staff | 4 years ago

"X-Men: Apocalypse" gets a full trailer reveal and it looks frighteningly awesome. It looks like Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence) is leading a young team of X-Men from both the original crew in "First Class" with four new (retco

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