The Letter - Horror Visual Novel: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 2 years ago

As an avid fan of the horror genre, my interest and excitement to play The Letter was piqued to its earnest. It's a visual horror novel with a sprawling and complex narrative that follows seven characters as they experie

Sonic Mania: Review

By: Karen Benitez | 2 years ago

Let it be known that 2017 was the year of exciting comebacks. After Crash Bandicoot showed us that the old dog (er, bandicoot) still has what it takes to cause a storm, along comes Sonic, who has created a sonic boom t

The Long Dark: Review

By: Karen Benitez | 2 years ago

In its Early Access form, The Long Dark only allowed players to partake in its Sandbox Mode. It was in here where gathering resources to survive was the core gameplay element. Hunger, fatigue, and the vast assortment of thi

Egglia: Legend of the Redcap Review

By: Stef Atega | 2 years ago

With ex-Square Enix employees riding on the back of this little mobile JRPG, one would have high expectations of Egglia: Legend of the Redcap.Thankfully, the game exceeds mine wonderfully.  Despite being a mobile game (and

Tacoma: Review

By: Karen Benitez | 2 years ago

When I was younger, my aunt would call friends and family over to her house and we'd drive as a convoy from Anaheim, California to Las Vegas. Along the interstate, I would spot road signs to a small town. "Maybe it's a g

Sundered: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

Sundered is a process of turning you insane. You try something over and over again hoping the next time you do it, you'll get new results. I first thought to myself, "It can't be that bad, can it?" In a good way, it'

Pyre: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

The core element of every sports film is emotion. Coach Carter is about the titular character making sure that his players get the future that they deserve: a life beyond basketball. Pyre has that emotion. It's an RPG

Mega Maker: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

It's not an official Capcom game but I'll take a crack at it. Mega Maker, a fan made game developed by WreckingPrograms, allows you to create Mega Man stages and upload them on the Internet. It's a brilliant step up fr

Dead Cells: Review

By: Jon Castillo | 3 years ago

Dead Cells is a game that demands you to get good as soon as possible. It requires you to play fast and aggressively with tactical precision, but even then will punish you with a thousand deaths and demand even more pati

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