Take a look at Project Xandata, a locally made online first person shooter

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | May 1, 2017

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Last year in the Esports and Gaming Summit (ESGS), a number of ladies' underwear was nabbed by the bandit, Boggart, the star of mobile game Panty Thief by local studio Secret 6

If you were lucky enough to get past said pervy mascot and explore the studio's booth, you would have also noticed another game they were featuring: a cool-looking, neon-filled, online multiplayer first person shooter named Project Xandata. It was the game's public debut, though still in its alpha phase.

In the game, you control Xandats, armor-clad heroes with elementally-powered weapons. The studio boasts of how highly customizable these champions are, with options to choose your loadout and abilities. At the first event, the game had only one game mode and featured only one class.

Several months later, after listening to the public's feedback, Secret 6 came to the Pinoy Gaming Festival last weekend with an improved alpha of the game, coupled with added features.

Since Project Xandata is still in its alpha phase, we had a chat with one of the producers, Justin Tec, to find out where the studio plans to take the game in the future, including the upcoming closed beta this October.

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