"Tanim Bala" app brings out worst airport fears

Written by: Jon Castillo

Games | Nov 7, 2015

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It looks like Halloween hasn't quite ended. When we talk about horror settings, the usual things come to mind: haunted house, cabin in the woods, alone in the apartment, those kind of things. But airports? Not much is known. Perhaps there are, but we'd have to think really hard.

At least, until recently. It seems the local airport might be working its way up that list of horror tropes and is hoping to pioneer as a non-fiction horror setting. Lately, there are issues concerning around the airport, where, officials or bag inspectors will discover a single bullet tucked in a passenger's bag. It is an obvious modus operandi, allegedly planted by people working inside the airport. The issue is being solved as fast as how Sonic the Hedgehog runs while the game is perpetually paused. The passenger, the victim, cannot reason around this and must pay a huge fine or be incarcerated. This is all true by the way, which makes it even scarier.

Android app, "Tanim Bala" or in English, "Bullet Planting" by Kulit Games, exactly represents this situation. It might be an opportunity for the developers to get some buzz. But it is nonetheless, one of the most politically relevant mobile games in this country. For one, it's reminding us that the horrors of bullet planting are far from over, and the longer the game is played, the harder it is to stay safe. From its silly artwork, to its wacky music, this game directly mocks not just the airport, but also the government's inaction to fix this ASAP.

"Tanim Bala" is a rhythmic-styled game that is reminiscent of the '80s "Game & Watch." You're only tasked to move the character left and right, avoiding the airport official from dropping a bullet into your bag, which will lead said character to prison, with a ridiculous fine.

The game will run on and on, with the frightful character swooping left and right to avoid the falling bullets. You just have to survive long enough, get as much points as possible, before these people will get you, eventually. Just like the actual victims of the "Tanim Bala", there's no escaping it.

About the author: Jon Castillo

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