While other people have enviable abilities and skills to brag about, some of us have been blessed with rather useless talents. Nevertheless, these unique gifts should be celebrated; not everyone can touch his nose with his tongue, write backwards, or crush a can with his belly.

Recently, a new fad called the water bottle flip challenge has swept the Internet. Elementary kids and teens in the U.S. have been seen huddling together and flipping bottles in unison in some kind of weird ritual. But don't worry; no one is trying to bring Harambe back from the dead. They're all just playing a simple game wherein they attempt to see how many times they can make a bottle land upright after flipping it.

It may be one of those useless tricks people can learn, but you have to admit it does make you look pretty cool. You can find tons of videos online of young folks doing insane tricks with water bottles, including one trick where you land a bottle on top of a high platform. You can check out Youtuber Ryan Higa's video to see what I mean.

Riding on the fad, Filipino developer Most Played Games has decided to translate this latest craze into a mobile game. Flippy Bottle Extreme, an app created in just two days, puts your bottle-flipping skills to the test in various ways. And since it's a game based on a fad, it's no wonder that it has become one of the top trending apps in the U.S. right now.

But of course, the game proves to be more than just something based on a trend. With several different modes to choose from, Flippy Bottle Extreme offers a ton of unique challenges for the player. For example, you can play on Impossible mode where your target landing spot is not only several feet away from you but also very narrow. You can try Space Mode, where you have to flip bottles with drastically less gravity, making your flips much more difficult to predict. Or you can pass the time with Endless Mode, where you attempt to achieve a high score by continuously flipping bottles.

If normal bottles are getting a bit too boring, fear not. Garner enough flips and the game will reward you with new kinds of bottles and skins. If you're as good with a milk bottle as you are with a regular water bottle, then you are on your way to becoming a true flip master.

If flipping bottles in real life gives you a sense of achievement, the same could be said for "flicking" bottles in the game. If you're not that talented in the actual thing, then maybe your skills in the game will help you win back some of those bragging rights. Flippy Bottle Extreme is challenging and fun, but it isn't meant for those who give up easily. 

The game can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store and the App Store.

About the author: Stef Atega

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