Some time ago, I talked about a bunch of ugly Gundam designs that should never have been greenlit. This time though, I'll be tackling the complete opposite where I show you some awesome feats of anime architecture which should be given more air time.

When you look at it, the Mobile Suit Gundam universe has a bunch of great Gundam designs as well as some underrated ones that pop up every now and then. This time, I'll be making a countdown to what I think is the best-looking Gundam.


Movie: Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack

When Char's Counterattack came out, this was the pinnacle of the mobile suit designs created by Yutaka Izubuchi. I usually find that blocky mechs are more my style but the Nu did not disappoint especially with ace pilot Amuro Ray at the helm.

Those fin funnels? Revolutionary!

That black and white scheme? Glorious!

Even better? Hajime Katoki rendered his own version of this beast and it was downright awesome.


Series: Mobile Suit Gundam 00

The Exia is a modern design by Kanetake Ebikawa and makes great use of edges, planes, and flat-out sleek polygonal shapes. It was, in itself, a revolutionary mobile suit, for it did not rely on bunker-busting beam weaponry to stand out. Instead, the Exia relied on an unprecedented physical blade that has become iconic with the series ever since. Overall, the design was just a refreshing take on the usual v-fin wearing, faceplate-grill sporting mobile suits.


Series: Mobile Suit Gundam Wing/ Endless Waltz

Hmm, this one is tough. I'd put the Endless Waltz version of the Wing Gundam Zero here since it is hugely popular. Then on the other hand, the Wing Gundam Zero classic elicited shits and giggles from 7-year old boys across the globe when it premiered in 1996 with its transforming bird-mode gimmick. But what always takes the cake with these Wing Gundams is this: their buster-busting, ass-whooping, metal-crunching, big freaking gun: the Buster Rifle.


Series: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED

Yes, I'm a SEED hater. But see here, the only redeeming factor of that poorly-written Gundam universe are the designs of the mobile suits; the best of which is the Strike. No matter what configuration it uses, be it the hand-to-hand combat Sword Strike pack, the Launcher Strike configuration where it lugs around a portable positron cannon, or the Aile Strike variation with a flight pack, the Strike Gundam will always look elegant and sexy.


Series: Mobile Suit Gundam IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS

Yep, this is number one. It's not because the IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS series is new and therefore I have the hots for it. But it's true; I definitely have the hots for these odd, out-of-this-world mobile suit designs that proliferate the post-disaster timeline, especially those named after the 72 demons of the Ars Goetia.

The Barbatos already looked good in its bare-bones Form 1 and even better in its knightly Form 4., but as soon as it transforms into the Lupus, it goes a step higher with its sleek use of curves mixed with rough edges and blockiness.

And that shoulder armor bearing the Tekkadan symbol? Add that to the sword mace and you have a design that I just can't take my eyes off.

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