With the onset of the highly-anticipated second season of G-Tekketsu (also known as Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans), people have been sounding off on the mecha designs for the new Gundams. But for every transcendental design, there is an absolute disgrace out there waiting to counteract it.

Let's not mince words and get right to my personal list of Gundams with horrible architecture. Take note that though most of these designs come from one anime, I think my choices here were more than justified.


Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

Seriously. What in the blazing nine hells were Sunrise and BANDAI thinking? The Mermaid Gundam has a fish suit for a body, a head complete with gills and a Gundam's signature red goatee, and to top it all off, its weapon is a trident in all its Triton-y glory.

This chump barely lasted an episode before being turned into Devil Gundam chow by Domon Kasshu.


Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

G Gundam mobile suit? Am I going nuts? Apparently the zebra pattern was supposed to help the gundam camouflage into the background but as you can see, you can see it.

Here's another one of those models that utterly failed and should not have been given another second of screen time.


Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

You thought you saw the worst of this anime? Nope. Take a look at this joke of a mobile suit.

Representing Nepal and piloted by the blind Kyral Mekirel, the Mandala Gundam looks like a bell with beads for arms. Not at all racist, this model even came with a staff that hid a flamethrower as well as a beam saber.


Series: Mobile Fighter G Gundam

I swear, this anime is full of weird designs. And the name of the Gundam representing the Dutch isn't even funny. Nether. I'm pretty sure they meant this Gundam should NETHER have been created. And the windmill design? NETHER in a thousand years. 


Series: Turn A Gundam

The only entry not from
Mobile Fighter G Gundam, this mobile suit has an upside-down old-man's moustache complete with a cockpit in the crotch area.

Now I don't know what beats those five but if you do find a sillier Gundam design, be my guest. 

About the author: Pio Garcia

GameGulp's resident Blizzard die-hard, fanboy, superfan, whatever you wanna call it. Totally loves mecha the way Setsuna loves his Gundam. Does not shy away from any JRPG available. Find him on Warcraft's Barthilas realm masquerading as a Daemon Prince Primarch.

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