The adventures of Captain Spirit are indeed awesome

Written by: Karen Benitez

Features | Jul 12, 2018

Life is Strange 2 The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit

I think the target audience for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is clear. It's driven toward adults who miss or has forgotten what's it like to be a kid again. And being a kid back in the day, between the '80s and the '90s, you only had so much to do in your free time. It follows Chris, a nine year old boy, on one typical Saturday morning. Not too soon, you'll meet Chris's father, Charles, and things kick off pretty okay until it didn't. 

For a while, as Chris you get to explore your own house, and you find bits and pieces of story details lying here and there. It doesn't take you to be a Dark Souls scholar to understand what's going on within this household. Beyond that, there's not much else to do, and so, as a typical nine year old, Chris unleashes his imaginations, taking you to some amazing scenery ever seen in a videogame. (Okay, fine, GTAV and Red Dead Redemption had amazing landscapes too)

As Captain Spirit you have a small set of objectives, like treasure hunting. Not all of them are required to do. You're playing out the imagination of a nine year old and that alone has so much fun in it.

If you haven't heard yet, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is a prelude to Life is Strange 2. Decisions from the former will be carried over to the next. Chris is confirmed to appear in the game. Though it's not clear how important he will be in the main story.

The dialogue in Captain Spirit was a mixed bag. Some of them felt natural and others a little awkward, which can be a good thing whether intentional or not, because the situation between Chris and Charles is awkward. Both of them are grieving. (You'll notice there's no mention of a mother) Though, Chris is coping a little bit better.

Alcoholism is a thing in the game, and it's Charles's favorite pastime. I dislike this cliche and find it lazy writing. Father loses wife, so he drowns his sorrows to forget, loses his job, and hurts his son while pinning all the tragedy on him. While it's not evidently obvious, it's hinted that Charles may have hurt Chris, which I think, reinforces his imagination, turning it into a place for power. Not as a nice friendly place, as Captain Spirit he'd have the power to defend himself and maybe even save those he couldn't as Chris.

It's a free-to-play game that gives us little hints about Life is Strange 2. The connection comes in the end and in those last seconds you might even get a few ideas what's there to come. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is definitely worth a look whether you've played Life is Strange or not.

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