The Apacer AC730 is living proof that something can be everything-proof

Written by: Stef Atega

Tech | Mar 27, 2017

AC730 Apacer external hard drive portable hard drive

Apacer recently announced the AC730, a military-grade shockproof portable hard drive with USB 3.1 Gen 1. This thing is a freakin' portable tank and I'll tell you why:

First of all, the AC730 is crushproof. It has an aluminum alloy exterior with a pressure resistance of up to 1500KG. In theory, it will remain undamaged even when run over by a military armored fighting vehicle (which is exactly what the press release says).

It is also shockproof. The AC730 is compliant with MIL-STD-810G method 516.6 Procedure IV (Transit Drop Test), which means that it can withstand accidental drops, jars, and knocks of up to 1.2 meters in height. To give you a clear picture of how that works, the hard drive has a suspension structure built in between the case and the core which serves as a buffer for external forces.

Lastly, the design of this thing can withstand environmental factors. The interior is fully sealed so that when you drop it in sand, you won't need to worry about specks of dust getting in. It is also waterproof, keeping your data safe even when submerged in 1-meter depths for up to 60 minutes.

Now usually when you meet people who look and act tougher than Kanye West, you'd think that this hardened exterior compensates for something that they are sorely lacking. You're probably wondering the same thing about the AC730. Well sorry to disappoint you, because the AC730 has an impressive capacity as well. It is available in either 1TB or 2TB, and has a data transfer rate of 5Gbps.

If you're still not sold on the AC730, let me share with you an excerpt from the press release itself:

"Imagine yourself a secret agent who is out on a mission with your own portable hard drive to steal confidential secrets. You must travel a dangerous journey, going through desert, jungle, swamp, and streams, as well as moving at off-road conditions involving tumbling rides, along with drastic physical movements like rolling and running. To make sure all the data stays securely stored, AC730, a military-grade shockproof portable hard drive, will be your best choice to withstand the rough conditions."

If a secret agent couldn't say 'no' to this thing, how could you?

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