I recently spent a good two hours watching YouTuber ryukahr's Friday the 13th livestream. It looks like a fun game to play with friends; especially since it allows you to either cooperatively take on the player-controlled Jason Vorhees or close the door behind your companions, turning them into sacrificial lambs as you get away.

Another 4v1 game, Dead by Daylight, looks even better. It gives you the option to play as different killers with different sets of skills on different maps.

If you're unfamiliar with these titles, they are basically online multiplayer games where all but one player fill the shoes of "survivors" and the last player gets to play as the "killer". In Dead by Daylight, you have the freedom to choose to be the killer while Friday the 13th chooses a player at random to be Jason. Each of these two games has their own win conditions, such as calling the police or escaping the map for the victims, or murdering everyone as the killer.

Let's not kid ourselves here: once these two games are polished and pick up traction with an avid fan base, there is no doubt in my mind that a torrent of replicas are bound to spew from every nightmarish fantasy out there.

If anything, this would be great! This pressures developers to be more creative when putting together unique co-op horror experiences and I'm excited to see how this subgenre grows.

Here are some franchises that I think would make excellent 4v1 horror games.


The 1988 supernatural slasher film Child's Play garnered a cult following and was about a murderous doll named Chuckie who is obsessed in finding kids to transfer his soul into.

How the game will play out:

Four players try to escape a large house that is already full of dolls. The fifth player plays as Chuckie or one of the other dolls. As you can imagine, running around the house as you wonder which of the dolls the player-killer is can haul in some serious psychological tension.

And because a house is a home for all sorts of deadly things: scissors, gas-stoves, the stairs, knives in the kitchen, the trash compactor, and especially the lawnmower - the killer will have a lot of creative stuff to do here.


1987's Predator was one of the most awesome sci-fi survival action/horror titles out there that starred former governor Ah-nuld (that Terminator guy). An alien warrior comes down to Earth and hunts down people, especially fighters, for sport.

How the game will play out:

Four soldiers armed with machine guns and grenades have to hunt down a Predator in a jungle full of all sorts of hazardous stuff. The Predator will have cloaking abilities, night-vision, throwing blades, a shoulder-mounted sniper gun that shoots freaking lasers, a hidden blade, and a self-destruct mechanism. You can clearly see who's at disadvantage here.


1979 saw the birth of one of the best sci-fi horror franchises that ended with numerous disastrous sequels and spinoffs. The first two films featured a merry space crew fighting off vicious aliens called Xenomorphs which bleed acid that burns through the ship. This means that the crew members can choose to be killed by either the extraterrestrials or by getting sucked out into space via acid-ridden holes. Lovely.

How the game will play out:

As the crew of the ship you must either:

  • Escape the ship.
  • Eject the Xenomorph into space, or
  • Toast it in a furnace.

The crew can interact with doors and lure the Xenomorph into a trap if possible. They can also make use of a sonar to track where the alien is, though they won't know if it's on the upper vents or below the floors.

As the Xenomorph, you are armed with stealth that allows you to blend into the shadows as you traverse the narrow halls of the ship. You can also slip through vents, use your meter long impaling tail, have a second mouth for intimate kissing, and acid blood when you get wounded. Clearly I thought about this more than the rest.


No further explanation needed. A 4v1 game about Cthulhu is fascinating with all the writhing tentacles.

That's my take. What's yours?
About the author: Jon Castillo

Jonathan is hiding from a lynch mob after messing with the wrong basketball team. His favorite song is "Boys do Fall in Love" by Robin Gibb.

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