The Division deploys Update 1.2 Conflict

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Games | May 26, 2016

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Good news for Division Agents out there. More endgame content has been released for the online shooter, and is now available for download on the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and Windows PC.

Players can enjoy a new incursion called "Clear Sky", where you have to take on a massive wave of Rikers in the Columbus Circle area.  You can get new gear items here too. Take a look at these babies.

Aside from the new incursion, more High Value Targets will appear after you complete a new set of missions that come with the update. These are the "Search and Destroy" missions, which lead you to a group of enemies located in the open-world.

Additional features have been also added to the game.

  • Hijack Extractions: Now players have the ability to interrupt an extraction by cutting the rope and attempt to acquire the fallen loot bags. But this is not without risk, as this action will instantly mark them as Rogue.
  • Sealed Cache: Sealed Caches can now be dropped by named enemies in the Dark Zone. The content of these caches remains mysterious until they are extracted and can include gear, Division Tech, and Dark Zone funds.  
  • Player Stashes: Player stashes are now available in every Dark Zone checkpoint.
  • ISAC Assignments: These weekly assignments are now included in the map overview. Also with this update, weekly exclusive rewards will be introduced as well as free vanity items

All set? We'll see you in New York. You can watch trailer before you go. 

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