'The Elder Scrolls Blades' appears on iPhone Xs

Written by: Stephen Sanchez

Features | Sep 13, 2018

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Todd Howard, game director in Bethesda Studios, has graced the stage of the Apple Event. There he proclaimed that his early coding of games started from a Mac device - Mac II, I think, but can't be too sure about it, but that's besides the sellout point.

The point is, during the presentation of the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max, Howard demoed "The Elder Scrolls Blades." And from what we've seen in the live stream, all I can say is, "Shit, this looks good."

Howard pointed out that they designed light to bounce off in caverns, reflect in your sword, and all that. The look of TES Blades on an iPhone Xs is almost comparable to console-level gaming. I know, Apple has made that claim multiple times in the past, starting in the iPhone 6. But the Xs seems like the real deal.

Bethesda working on a mobile app version of TES is a big deal. If successful and with the sheer power of new devices like the iPhone Xs, more companies are going to follow suit. 

Howard didn't mention any exclusivity. So that means TES Blades will be available for Android devices as well. Though the level of graphics shown on stage might appear differently on other devices. iPhones have always had excellent displays - I'm sorry, but it's true. I'm a Pixel-user, don't bash my head in the sink! - so maybe Samsung's own Galaxy Note 9 would be able to pull it off. We'll see.

Howard said we will be able to pre-order "The Elder Scrolls Blades" soon.

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