The first 'Inhumans' trailer has dropped and it's pretty awful

Written by: Don Cabuhat

TV | Jul 1, 2017

Inhumans Marvel

I've been nervous about the new Inhumans series ever since the first images came up a few months ago. It looks like my worst fears have been confirmed.

First off, the visuals just look awful. I know this is network TV, but these effects looks worse than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Some fanmade YouTube videos look better.

One particular scene that encapsulates how wrong the direction this series is taking is where the cast eats at the dining table. The characters involved are THE ROYAL FAMILY OF AN ENTIRE SPECIES, which puts them on the same level as Thor's Asgardian family. They lead an entire people that rivals the military might of alien races like the Kree and the Chitauri, but they have a dining room the size of a minor house in Westeros?

Speaking of characters, these are without a doubt the worst costumes I've ever seen in an MCU-related project. The Marvel Cinematic is responsible for bringing brightly-colored comic book characters to life in a believable and grounded way. These outfits don't do any of these things.

In terms of performances, I have no idea why Iwan Rheon is doing his Ramsay Bolton light-acting for this series. When he was announced to play Maximus, I thought it was another perfect casting by Marvel. It's a perfect opportunity for him to not only go back to his Ramsay Bolton roots but to employ the charisma he showed during his Game of Thrones stint.

For those of you who don't know who Maximus is, think of him as Loki but with a few extra dashes of insanity. The guy is a psychopath that uses his brain and charm more than anything else. He is no way a driveling, low-level schemer that the trailer makes him out to be.

And please tell me how Medusa is pinned down while her hair isn't doing a goddamned thing? Medusa is the queen of a super powered alien race equal to her husband. So why do her clothes give off the feel that the royal family is in debt?

The rest of the characters look awful (apart from Crystal and Lockjaw) but there's one in particular that takes the cake. In the trailer, there is a scene where Crystal runs towards the camera with someone that looks like Triton. I swear I screamed at the screen at how genuinely appalling he looks in those few seconds.

It's a shame that Inhumans already feels like the most disconnected property in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are an integral part of the comics and it saddens me that this property was supposed to get its own movie before being minimized to a smaller screen.

What summarizes my intense disappointment with this trailer is how it built up to such an anti-climactic moment where Blackbolt showed a glimpse of his powers. The scene could have saved the trailer but dragged it down even more because of its cheap and very underwhelming finale.

If you have a series based on super powered aliens and show none of that insanity, you've got a serious problem. Inhumans airs on ABC this coming September 29.

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