The HyperX ALLOY FPS Gaming Keyboard is coming to local stores

Written by: Stef Atega

Tech | Feb 10, 2017

Alloy FPS gaming keyboard HyperX Kingston

Earlier this year, HyperX announced the newest additions to its gaming product portfolio at the CES 2017. These include a new gaming headset, a new mouse, and two new mechanical keyboards. While it's not confirmed when exactly the headset and the mouse will arrive locally, we will soon get the chance to enjoy one of the aforementioned keyboards.

The ALLOY FPS keyboard is HyperX's first foray into the mechanical keyboard line and is now shipping to the Philippines. As you can tell, the keyboard looks very minimalist. It was designed that way so that users can save space on their desktop, allowing for more mouse movement.

It also features a solid, steel alloy frame and Cherry MX Blue switches. Most people prefer MX Red or Black switches for gaming because of their smooth keystrokes, but several eSports athletes have sworn by the satisfying, tactile feedback of MX Blue switches. It all comes down to personal preference, really.

Nevertheless, Kingston recently announced that they will have both MX Red and MX Brown versions of the keyboard. We're not sure if these alternate versions will also ship locally, but we can enjoy the original MX Blue version for now.

Keeping in line with the brand's colors, the ALLOY FPS keyboard features only red LED backlighting, but also comes with 6 preset dynamic lighting effects, with one option for custom lighting.

There's even a Game Mode on the keyboard that disables the Windows key, just in case your stubby fingers press it by accident. For a smooth gaming experience, the keyboard also boasts N-KRO functionality and an anti-ghosting feature, meaning you won't have to go through the trouble of pressing keys simultaneously.

The keyboard comes with additional red-colored WASD/1234 keys, a detachable braided cord and a mesh travel pouch for storage. Its USB charging port is located at the back.

The ALLOY FPS Keyboard's SRP will be Php5,990.
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