The Last Guardian gets a (hopefully) last release date

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Sep 13, 2016

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Surprising not even my grandmother, The Last Guardian (the video game equivalent of the second coming of Christ) has had its release date moved from the E3 2016 announcement of October 25 to the now far-off December 6, 2016.

Since its initial announcement at E3 2009, the world has seen the sad return of Duke Nukem, the absence of a certain Valve game, and the ever-increasing popularity of hairy companions (i.e. The Last of Us). This makes it the perfect time for it to finally come out of hiding - right smack in the middle of the Christmas releases that are vying for your attention like a squad of Japanese schoolgirls who are into older men.

The Last Guardian is exclusive for the PlayStation 4 this time around, but with a newer console and a huge line-up of games at the end of the year, is moving this fossil of a game to December really worth the risk? 

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