The LEGO movies were never Oscars or Cannes award material from the get-go. People never even expected them to span into a franchise. It was supposed to be just another summer movie which capitalized on an existing consumer base.

But it didn't. It surprised audiences with a witty and heartfelt The LEGO Movie and a satirical LEGO Batman Movie.

The LEGO Ninjago Movie is the third film in the LEGO movie franchise. It is set in the world of the Ninjago TV series and follows the story of Lloyd (voiced by Dave Franco), the green ninja. He and his six ninja teammates, under guidance of Master Wu (voiced by Jackie Chan), defend the city against the evil Garmadon, who just happens to be Lloyd's father.

The story doesn't have the most intricate screenplay but it serves its purpose in getting audiences to fall in love with the main protagonists and antagonist. Daddy issues aren't the most original plot device, but with the amount of charm the writers infused into Lloyd and Garmadon, you end up finding yourself deeply invested in them. The last sequence in particular, though it may seem silly on paper, is as touching and as heartwarming as your usual Christmas special.

The movie is far from perfect, however. The plot is as solid as Jell-O, and no amount of lamp posting can mend some glaring plot holes. For example, there's no relevance in Master Wu's onscreen absence in the first act and the majority of the last act. And as star-studded as the cast is, it fails to make use of the great voice acting these actors can provide.

For what it's worth, The LEGO Ninjago Movie is pretty decent if you're looking for a breather from all the grim blockbusters of 2017. It's fun to watch and is more than just a cash grab the LEGO movies are known to be (even if it still is one). It doesn't evolve from being "just another one of those animated movies" and as heartwarming as it is, it'll probably go down in history as that LEGO movie with Jackie Chan in it.

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