Before the Avengers started their infighting last year, let's not forget that the Guardians of the Galaxy were doing that waaay before they were even recognized as a group.

When a human, a green lady, a blue wrestler, a raccoon, and a tree with a three-word vocabulary get together, it not only makes for a good setup to a bar joke, but it also causes some tension within a band that makes for a pretty good movie.

While other superhero movies are known for blowing half the galaxy to kingdom come, the Guardians of the Galaxy do it in an 80s-like manner with references that either make you feel really old when you understand them or really young when you don't. The music, the cassette player, the dance moves your parents did when they were still young and hip... and now the posters as well.

Reminiscent of trading cards (overpriced pieces of paper with people's faces on them), these new posters show off the original crew of the Milano as well as some old and new faces. We already know Nebula (the crazy adoptive relation of Gamora who is now a member of the Guardians) as well as Yondu (who could be best described as a blue Merle from The Walking Dead), but we also get a better look at Ayesha, Mantis, and Ergo.

Ayesha is a golden woman who is the leader of the Sovereign People. Mantis is a new member of the Guardians who was raised by Ego and has empathetic powers which let her find out people's true motives just by touching them (you may have seen her powers in the trailers when she touched Star Lord and found out just how horny he is). And Ego is Star Lord's dad, and is the main reason this movie is happening in the first place.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 will hit local cinemas this coming April 26 and follow the group's quest to find out Star Lord's parentage as they pick up more members along the way. Until then, you can collect them all by printing out these posters and sharing them with your friends!

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