The new 'Jumanji' actually looks fun

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Film | Jul 2, 2017

Dwayne Johnson Jack Black Jumanji Karen Gillan Kevin Hart

I'm not a fan of reboots for the sake of nostalgia since they never tend to work out. Most of the time the producers have no idea on how to approach the material they're rebooting. So it comes as a surprise that this new Jumanji trailer actually got me interested in the new movie.

Although I'm not a fan of director Jake Kasdan's past works, the overall feel of the movie is enough to get me on board. It's refreshing to see that he is taking a whole new direction from the original 90s movie. It seems to make full use of the cast's charm and comedic sensibilities. That's pretty smart, what with an ensemble consisting of Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Karen Gillan, and Jack Black.

What is most evident from the trailer is that not only are they not taking themselves too seriously, but they are actually having fun with their roles. The twist that four kids are playing these renowned actors is brilliant. It allows them to put a different spin on what we've come to expect from their usual roles; with Dwayne Johnson becoming an unsure nerd and Kevin Hart taking the role of the big bully.

I'm excited to see the chemistry that these guys have in the context of their characters, particularly Jack Black's portrayal of a teenage drama queen. My only concern with this premise is if the twist gets reduced to nothing more than generic, uninspired jokes and poor character development.

Hopefully, the actual film delivers on the promised fun and entertainment this trailer is selling. 

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