The new ‘Justice League’ trailer wastes no time showing who the big hero is

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Oct 10, 2017

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Justice League, also known as "Aquaman and Friends", is coming out in a month. But even as its theatrical release draws near, Warner Bros. Pictures just couldn't help plopping out one more trailer; evidently ruining the experience of watching it in a movie house for yourselves.

Some people might call Lois Lane's vision of her dead fiance a dream, but let's be honest; the only thing that could keep Superman away from this movie is another, more handsome Superman.

Back to heroes who are actually still kicking, Batman and Wonder Woman discover that the world is about to be set upon by supersized locusts who are about to start another Biblical plague. To combat this threat, they enlist the help of one of the strongest heroes ever (along with some extras).

They recruited The Flash, who has Superman's most useless power. Cyborg, who wears a hoodie to hide his pubescent robot body, is also there. And then there's Aquaman, who will undoubtedly lead the League in Superman's absence. 

If you thought the king of the seas was powerless on land, Aquaman makes it a point to show he isn't a fish out of water. He kills locusts with his flyswatter-like trident. His inability to fly doesn't stop him from hurling himself hundreds of feet through the air. And he has one liners. No action figure could ever live up to the expectations this character has set.

The movie might feature Superman's return (a movie which was already made in 2006), but at least it gears up audiences for the upcoming Aquaman film next year.

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