The new 'Kingsman: The Golden Circle' character posters have as much exposition as the films do

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Jul 30, 2017

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A lot of factors make up the perfect Englishman: a highborn voice, a love of tea, and a disdain for anything less than gentlemanly. These and the fact that it was based on a comic book set the first Kingsman movie apart from the rest of its American Pie-like counterparts.

So how does this sequel one up its predecessor?

By going all-out American, that's how. After having their British headquarters blown up by The Golden Circle, the Kingsman head stateside to band with their brothers in the United States.

Unlike their posh counterparts whose codenames come from King Arthur's knights, the Statesmen are named after drinks you find at a bar. Channing Tatum plays Tequilla, Jeff Bridges is Champagne, and here's to hoping that Chuck Norris will make his debut appearance as secret agent Beer. Together with the Kingsmen, these red-blooded freedom fighters seek to put a stop to The Golden Circle before happy hour starts.

Just take a look at the film's new posters, which were hobbled together by the Statesmen in order to maximize drinking time. Kingsman:The Golden Circle releases this September 20 in the Philippines.

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