The next crossover event for 'The Alchemist Code' will be with ‘Phantom of the Kill’

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Jan 17, 2018

Gumi Phantom of the Kill The Alchemist Code

After trying the whole anime game crossover thing with Brave Frontier, The Alchemist Code's next foray into another universe will be with Gumi Inc.'s other tactical mobile RPG franchise, Phantom of the Kill.

The event itself takes place from January 18 to February 15, 2018 (better get used to writing that new year number down) and features a bunch of Phantom of the Kill-themed activities.

Three crossover events take place, with the first mission tasking players to become Phantom of the Kill character Tyfring's new commander. The quest takes place from January 18 to February 7.

The second quest is multiplayer-focused and has players fighting Killer Princess Masamune in order to get her on your side. This one runs through the entire duration of the event.

Last of all is a crossover story with the entire cast of The Alchemist Code and Phantom of The Kill. Running for the whole event, completing this ten-stage questline allows players to obtain Ouroboros.

During the event, The Alchemist Code players can summon Laevateinn, Shekinah, and Cita into their party. As for Phantom of the Kill fanatics, they can summon Chloe, Ouroboros, and Rosa.

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