The 'Overwatch' Summer Games return next week

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 2, 2017

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Last year, cartoony shooter Overwatch started its string of themed events with the 2016 Summer Games.

If you like playing the game for absurd amounts of time only to get a limited skin for a Zarya you will never use, these things are great! They have themed skins, emotes, sprays, and special games modes that don't always require you to move a sluggish payload.

With the absence of the Olympic Games this year, fans were wondering if the video game equivalent would push through for another chance at playing Lucioball. It turns out that it will; and thus the 2017 Summer Games were announced.

So what's different with this year's event?

For starters, all the cosmetic items from last year's event will be made available for purchase at a lower price. Thought that paying 3,000 credits for Lucio's football skin was crazier than a Hanzo that stays with the team? Now you can buy the costume at a discounted 1,000 credits (you still can't pay a Hanzo to stay with the team, though).

Apart from the old skins, new cosmetics will also be made available for unlock or purchase at their normal rate. Some of these skins include a legendary costume for Junkrat as well as another one for Mercy. Sadly, Roadhog players get the shit end of the stick once again as he gets absolutely no outfits for this event.

Last but not least is Lucioball, which is best described as Rocket League but with skating DJs instead of toy cars.

There have been some tweaks to the game, such as the inclusion of a new Sydney arena and the removal of the ability to push your opponents like a thug in order to hustle the ball into their goal. Lucio's ultimate has also been changed, which gives the Brazilian freedom fighter a speed and jumping boost instead of attracting the ball to him like a soccer ball magnet.

And then there's Copa Lucioball, which is competitive by nature. Just like normal competitive Overwatch, Copa Lucioball is full of cutthroat players that make Quick Play the only way to play the game. Top tier competitors who shout and berate their teammates stand a chance at winning the biggest prize of all: exclusive sprays that you can show to others when you get the Play of the Game.

Hopefully the 2017 Summer Games won't be as much of a letdown as those sprays are once it hits PC and consoles from August 8 - 28.

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