The Road to Frankfurt: Gigabyte.Mineski rising as SEA powerhouse

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Esports | Nov 12, 2015

DOTA 2 Frankfurt Gigabyte Mineski The Summit 4

Gigabyte.Mineski won the regional qualifiers and booked a ticket to the Summit 4 Main Event to be held in Los Angeles on December 9 - 13, further cementing its place as one of the best teams in Southeast Asia.

Mineski won a hard fought battle against Malaysian powerhouse team, Fnatic. The two teams battled it out in a long 5 game series with the Filipinos winning it 3-2, becoming the sole Southeast Asian team in the tournament. It was a sweet moment when the Pinoys pulled it off against the team that put them in the loser's bracket of the double elimination tournament.

Coming off the back of a disappointing outing at the Nanyang Championships, the Filipinos are roaring back into the international scene. They showed the world that they belong on the international stage with the big boys by showing improvement at areas they were lacking in Singapore. A very noticeable change was the team's improvement at executing 5v5 battles at critical points in the game, something that really hurt the Filipinos against top tier teams in previous tournaments. Mineski was crisp and the executions were more in sync than ever, beating the best Southeast Asian teams out there. You still see a few kinks here and there, but it was more than a couple of steps forward from the meltdowns we saw at Singapore. If Nanyang was supposed to prepare us for the Majors, then all the heartache was worth it. DOTA 2 in its highest level is a game of seconds, adjustments and reflexes, and the Filipinos are catching up with the best. 

The team plays weren't the only things that improved for Gigabyte.Mineski. We also saw them improve their drafts. Something I thought that the team was already good enough (not great but good enough) for the international stage, but it was a welcome surprise that the team played smarter lineups this time around (It is so great not to see Queen of Pain in every lineup we had). We saw a bit more diversity and unpredictability with the Philippine team. Lineups with a lot more balance, team play potentials and finally not being scared of having a big nuker on the team is great. The Fillipino's ability to mix things up mid-game with a variety of heavy hitters and supports, together with the world-class lane-ing skills that the Pinoys already possess just got Mineski up another level. Something that will only help us take on the best teams in the world. It looks like Mineski made the most out of the painful losses and is really gearing up for Frankfurt.

DOTA  2 is extremely popular in the Philippines, with people from all walks of life playing it all day. We have the smarts and the heart to take on this game and play it at a very high level. Make no mistake; the Philippines belong on the world stage. This time, in Frankfurt, Germany, on November 13, against all of the best teams in the world, in one of the four biggest International tournaments of the season the Filipinos will arrive on the biggest stage. Armed with the heartache of taking this long for the chance of competing with the very best and the experiences that they've learned along the way; JessieVash, Bimbo, Kuku, Julz and Ryo will rock Germany and show the world that we're ready and we're here to play. 

Personally, I'm freakin' excited.

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