This is a terrible start to the seventh season of The Walking Dead as the first episode just rolled in, crushing hearts and heaving vomit out our mouths.

This is more of a recap. Not a review where I do my best not to spoil anything. There will be batshit crazy spoilers for the series. They are not pleasant. Turn away now and return once you've seen the episode.

Still there? Here we go.


Two characters are dead.

It was something none of us saw coming. We knew one character would die, but not two. TV fans expected it to be Abraham, considering how things had been wrapping up around him. Comic book fans know all too well that it would be Glenn, yet clung to whatever nihilistic hope that the writers and showrunners would not follow up on Robert Kirkman's emotional brutality.

Turns out they couldn't decide; so they threw both Abraham AND Glenn under the bus, or rather, under the mercy of Lucille - Negan's precious baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire.

The show was disgusting, gut-wrenching, and emotionally revolting. I can go as far to say Abraham's death was as meaningful with all the attitude and was a fitting end to his character arc. It was the noblest death he could have, rather than in the comics where he was killed via shock treatments.

Glenn's fate was decided as Negan continued to smash Abraham's body. In a fitting rage, Daryl lunged towards Negan, landing a solid hit in his jaw. In retaliation, Negan took it out on Glenn.

Glenn's skull getting caved in was another thing entirely. It's been so long since anyone from the original season one crew died that many of us had become complacent to the notion that they're untouchable. This serves as a reminder that no one is safe in the series. Anyone can die, through a noble death or otherwise.

That's the significance of Glenn's death. From the start of the series, this Asian dude who used to deliver pizzas has done countless heroic deeds. His character continued to cling to the tattered shreds of humanity. He refused to kill, and when forced to do so, is the one who showed the most remorse. He risked his life to save different members of the group against hordes of zombies - the one true enemy of mankind. He is a father to his unborn child, to a girl who grew up in a farm.

On his knees with a crushed skull, eye popped out and face ravaged with blood, he moans his wife's name over and over. He managed to mutter an "I will find you" to Maggie before getting smashed in the head. Negan just taunts and hits him again and again until his head is literally mush. His death was so tragic that it took up most of the episode. At least they had the decency not to show his body as Rick and the crew dragged him away.

There are new character arcs to develop from this. Rick now has to handle this new threat. Daryl will no doubt feel the guilt of his actions. Carl now has to deal with the loss of a close companion. Sasha, Rosita, and Eugene, who knew Abraham the most, will have to recover from the loss of their dear friend. And Maggie, as the widowed wife, will most likely be in ruins after the subsequent loss of her brothers, mother, sisters, father, and now husband.

Based on the comics there will be more tragic deaths to come. But nothing (and I'm not alone in this) will ever match up to the emotional impact from what happened to Glenn. 

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