These 3 Transcend SSDs cater to different PC users

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Tech | Nov 2, 2017

SSD Transcend

If your PC is anything like mine and runs on hope and prayers, you might want to consider switching it entirely. But for those whose rigs aren't completely hopeless, changing a part or two seems to be the better option.

Should you ever want to change your SSD, Transcend has three in particular which cater to different PC users.

The SSD230 comes with 3D NAND technology, a DDR3 DRAM chache, and is built to load a bunch of applications in unison. It measures 6.8mm tall and weighs 63g, so it isn't that hard to fit into smaller devices like Ultrabooks.

The MTE850, on the other hand, is made specifically for gaming. It uses the PCI Express Gen 3x4 interface and 3D MLC NAND flash memory to run high-end applications (and Crysis 3 on max settings).

Lastly, the SSD370 is meant for professionals. Heaven knows what that means, because all it has is a 1TB storage, built-in wear-leveling, and Error Correction Code (ECC) to ensure reliable data transfer. This means that the SSD itself will last longer, rather than suit itself for hoity-toity suits. 

So if your computer isn't entirely too far gone, you can check any of these three out and see which fits your computer's lifestyle.

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