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Written by: Jon Castillo

Features | Aug 16, 2017

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Nintendo has been real busy with other matters to give Super Mario Maker any tangible updates. The result of this temporal neglect is the spawning of multiple Kaizo levels, especially in the Super Expert Mode.

Kaizo levels are built to challenge hardcore Mario players; requiring advanced techniques to reach the top of the goalpost.

Granted, this video was released around the time Super Mario Maker was fairly young. But as people learned about these Kaizo levels through Reddit and YouTube, more of these abominations are appearing.

In any case, an update or a new title is long overdue. These are the things I think would give the franchise some much needed rejuvenation.

Fire Chomp

Combine a Chain Chomp and a Fire Flower to create this souped-up Fire Chomp. These things explode when shot with fireballs. They're like fire bars but less predictable. You can put them on a rail or give them wings to create unholy frustrations for players to traverse.


First seen in Super Mario Bros 3, these things allow you to jump high and give you a speed boost while running. They also serve as obstacles that prevent your progress by tossing you a few paces back.


You can already give enemies mushrooms and wings, so why not give them parachutes as well? Watching bombs or Goombas descending from the sky unlocks new types of platforming puzzles to solve. 

Grab Block

Once you get a hold of a Grab Block, it begins to glow. You can use this to kill enemies or slide them across platforms. Grab Blocks make for great platforming and puzzle levels.

Buster Beetle

Combining a block and a beetle, nothing is more frustrating than getting chucked in the face with one of these.

Vertical Levels

Mario games are known for having various levels. Building levels that go upwards or downwards can add a lot of depth to the game.

Shy Guy

We could sure use more enemy variants in this game.

Chargin' Chuck

These guys were intense in Super Mario World. They would jump up and down to block your way, throw baseballs, kick footballs, and once you stomped on them, they would just charge you head-on.


Swoops are bat-like creatures that hang on the ceiling and fly towards Mario in an upside down arc. You can strategically place them to provide some serious platforming sections to get you from one spot to the next.

Porcupuffer, Dolphins, and Boss Bass

Porcupuffers are fish that chase Mario while dolphins provide some atrocious platforming. Boss Bass is a giant fish that chases after Mario and instantly kills him no matter what form the plumber is in.

Fishin' Lakitu and Fishing Boo

Imagine putting a red coin on a Fishin' Lakitu and teasing players with it at arm's length as they dodge countless traps to reach it. Fishing Boo would just add to the ultimate trolling experience.

Sumo Bro

Sumo Bros are tough, immune to stomps and fireballs, and can only be defeated when hit from underneath through a block. When placed on top of platforms, they can do powerful stomps that send bolts of lightning down which in turn, cause rippling explosions.

Ball n' Chain

The ball moves around in a circle and adds greater depth to crafting levels.


We need slopes. Period.

Other features that deserve special mention are Volcano Plants, Blarggs, and Guide Blocks - which would let players place helpful messages than simply rely on the annoying comments onscreen. Different colored Yoshis and Baby Yoshis which you can carry are also welcome additions.

With the success of Super Mario Maker, we can continue to hope that the next big update or sequel will be better than ever.

About the author: Jon Castillo

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