This video reimagines ‘Overwatch’ as a fighting game

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Mar 20, 2018

Blizzard Doomfist fighting game Genji Jeff Kaplan Mortal Kombat Overwatch Reinhardt Zarya

Even as an FPS, Overwatch has many elements which hearken to fighting games. For instance, Doomfist's abilities, while initially cool-looking, are more suited for a fighting game than one where characters hurl projectiles at each other.

Fortunately, a video made by TGN imagines Blizzard's online multiplayer as a fighting game, and thankfully gives Doomfist his time to shine. Taking cues from Mortal Kombat, the video comes with a fatality move, a character select screen, some trash talking at the start of a match, its own "Toasty!" reference from Jeff Kaplan, and even a bonus round where you'll see Doomfist punch a vehicle until it's wrecked.

The creators commented that it took them a long time to make the video, which really shows given that the result is a convincing recreation. Watch it below and see for yourself.

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