'Titans' gets official trailer with an angry Robin

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TV, Features | Jul 19, 2018

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After getting slapped way too many times, the trailer for Titans shows the Boy Wonder dropping the F Bomb about Batman.

Right off the bat, DC tells us early on that their upcoming new series Titans isn't like any other DC shows on TV, setting up different expectations from previous DC-related shows like Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, and Black Lightning.

As if DC thinks their brand of superheroes are not dark enough, beyond the cussing, Titans will have violent action sequences, like, blood spurting and bones crunching beneath the heel of Robin's boot. It all feels gimmicky to be honest, something for everyone to talk about for a while, and we're all suckers for this marketing stunt.

From Robin's violent nature you'd assume that this was Jason Todd, the second Robin. Turns out, it's good ole classic Dick Grayson. We'll probably witness his evolution to Nightwing at one point. 

Along the trailer is Starfire burning people. Beast Boy, after a failed audition for an Animorphs role, is seen running and about to morph, probably into something cute and fuzzy. 

Then there's Raven, who is seeking for Robin's help. It's clear that the show will kick off with her character arc.

Titans will be available on DC Universe. DC's own streaming platform where you can access a large backlog of DC animated TV shows, movies, and comics.

The trailer has been uploaded on YouTube, but the official DC channel has suspiciously made it unavailable, as if they didn't mean to upload it. Maybe the actual reveal was for the San Diego Comic-Con? No point in hiding it now. There are other channels out there that has the full trailer.

UPDATE Turns out the uploaded Titans trailer on YouTube is indeed either a mistake or a marketing move as the DC channel published a new video that consists multiple trailers. 

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