TNC Pro Gaming Team qualifies for The International 2017

Written by: Don Cabuhat

Esports | Jun 28, 2017

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The boys are back!

It's official; the Philippine team that dropped the bomb in The International 2016 just booked its ticket to the world's biggest DOTA 2 stage.

Following strong performances in both premiere and major league events, TNC Pro Gaming Team has been on the edge of greatness this whole DOTA 2 season. Now with a revamped roster, they're planting themselves as a real contender to dethrone Team Faceless as the best Southeast Asian team.

They seem to have done just that last night as they won the first Southeast Asian slot for The International 2017.

TNC put on a dominating performance as they demolished the Round Robin stage of TI7's Southeast Asia Qualifiers. Against nine of the best teams in Southeast Asia, they dropped only one game against fellow Philippine team Clutch Gamers, earning themselves the first of three slots for the SEA Region in TI7.

Their furious run was even more impressive when you realize they defeated regional rivals Team Faceless AND rising SEA threat Fnatic.

The Southeast Asian qualifiers are still on and the battle for the last two remaining slots will be crazy. The best thing about this is that three of the four remaining teams are from the Philippines: Clutch Gamers, Execration, and Mineski. The other team is Fnatic, which consists of Filipino DOTA superstar DJ.

Team Faceless has also been eliminated and will be missing The Internationals.

The dream of sending two Philippine teams to TI is a reality now; and having three of them out there to create havoc for the rest of the world? Well, that's just the typical Filipino DOTA way, isn't it?

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