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Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 23, 2016

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"Oh look, zombies!"

It is easy to make that assumption about the newly-announced and poorly-named Metal Gear Survive, a game created by Konami.

Shuffling away from Hideo Kojima's gigantic ego, this new MGS (yes, you can still technically call it "MGS") aims to show all of us that Konami isn't just as crazy as the series' creator but can be even more so in his absence.

But yes, this is basically a game about zombies... or is it?

Upon closer inspection, I have come to the conclusion that this goes far deeper than your average undead escapade. Metal Gear Survive does involve zombies, yes, but those of the corporate variety; serving as a grim reflection of Konami's internal struggles with its employees and its identity as a game company.

Set in an alternate universe where Hideo Kojima (portrayed by Snake) has left the company, Konami intern Julio finds himself abandoned by his mentor by the remains of the company's headquarters.

But no sooner than Kojima-senpai bids adieu to his former protégé than the massive wormhole known as Konami pulls Julio deeper into the corporate fiasco and into a dessert wasteland which serves as a fine metaphor to the company's remaining fanbase.

That's the last we see of Julio as a human being, I'm afraid. Because the next time we encounter him, he's shirtless, attacking one of the protagonists, and has an upper-half reminiscent of Nightmare from Soulcalibur.

Manuel, the aforementioned protagonist, is a black-haired janitor who was just days from retirement. He specializes in small firearms, hand-to-hand combat, and mopping up the floor of zombies and really bad tofu stains.

It is here where we get a first-hand look at what this alternate universe has in store for us. It seems that in this timeline, Konami has gone mad with power at the absence of competition and has converted the vast majority of the world's population into overworked and underpaid corporate slaves.

Still loyal to the company because he hasn't been paid yet, Manuel attempts to fight off a horde of "Konambies" but gets overwhelmed by their vastly superior indifference to public opinion. But just as he is about to eat dirt, he gets saved by the unlikeliest gang of misfits since last year's Street Fighter lineup...

From left to right, we see that various companies have also been pulled into this wormhole and are encapsulated by their respective star characters. We can see Sony as represented by a Helghast soldier from Killzone. Square Enix is so daintily portrayed by Lara Croft. And AMC also gets in on the action as Daryl Dixon makes an appearance (because this is technically a zombie game, after all).

After saving Manuel, the team returns to the remains of Konami headquarters, which serves as a base of operations for the resistance movement that seeks to return to a time when the company was still vulnerable and prone to attacks from the press and media.

Here we are introduced to the various freedom fighters who you will be able to play as in this mash-up game which consists of a mixed bag of intellectual properties...

Here we have Joel from The Last of Us representing Naughty Dog, complete with bloody makeshift weapon but sadly without his little girl in tow. He appears to be right at home in this whole post-pandemic scene, seeing as though this isn't his first dance with the dramatically brain-dead.

One of the protagonists from Grand Theft Auto also makes an appearance, though from which game I do not know. Though out of place with his beanie cap and practical fashion sense, he is still the only one with a proper weapon in this whole trailer, carrying a shotgun to kill Konambies. Not unlike our next contender...

... who I believe is this universe's version of Dante from Devil May Cry. Note the androgynous appearance and lack of proper combat apparel. Top it off with a very flashy and unnecessary weapon, and you have the makings of a scout who would attract just about every known Konambie and fangirl within a six-mile radius.

These are the heroes that will take on the massive pandemic brought about by a company that was once so loved by the public. Six companies and an ex-janitor brought together by a single enemy. Metal Gear Survive will be out in 2017, but will we be able to live that long before the events of the game actually occur?

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