Transcend introduces StoreJet 25C3, designed for professionals

Written by: Stef Atega

Tech | Mar 23, 2017

external hard drive StoreJet 25C3 Transcend

In a corporate world, first impressions are everything. It's a sad fact of life that you get judged based on your appearance and the things you have.

While I don't mind coming to work in t-shirts and showing off my laptop filled with Neko Atsume stickers at meetings, some people would rather play it safe and stick to their business suits and professional-looking gadgets. 

Transcend, known for its external hard drives, is marketing its newest StoreJet 25C3 as "the essential gadget for the professional".

This is primarily because of the design: it is ultra slim (measuring 9.95mm), and also light (weighing only 136g). It also features an aluminum alloy casing, which blends well with your other tech stuff, assuming you own Apple products.

The StoreJet25C3 is not all about style, however. This lightweight external hard drive can pack a heavy punch with its carrying capacity of up to 2TB. It can store 976,000 photos, 488,000 music files, and 880 videos. That's more than enough storage space for your working needs. But if 2TB is too much, then you can get the 1TB version instead. These two capacities are both backed by Transcend's 3-year warranty.

Another feature included with the hard drive is a USB 3.0 interface with a data transfer rate of 5Gbps. This is particularly useful when you're transferring big-ass files during the last minute before a presentation.

If you want to be functional at work but look classy at the same time, try the StoreJet 25C3. It'll make you look sophisticated and slick (even though we all know you're not).

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