Traverse time and space to fend off extraterrestrial forces in 'Unknown Heroes'

Written by: Stef Atega

Games | Aug 18, 2017

Nexon Korea Unknown Heroes

If you ever watched CW's Legends of Tomorrow, you know that it stars a band of unlikely heroes who go back in time to stop a super villain from dominating the world in the future.

Newly launched mobile RPG Unknown Heroes follows a similar premise. The game puts you in the shoes of long-forgotten heroes who have to travel through time to save their homes from an impending alien invasion. It is developed by Nexon Korea, the same company behind strategic action mobile RPG Chaos Chronicle.

Unknown Heroes uses a turn-based combat system. In it, players can participate in a variety of game modes. You can go through over 150 campaigns, each with its own unique storyline. You can also team up with friends to fight World Bosses, or challenge other players in a PvP Coliseum.

The game lets you traverse through modern Japan, a futuristic Hong Kong, a Medieval Europe, and other exotic locales. There are over 130 heroes you can encounter across time and space, all of which have different mythological backgrounds.

Unknown Heroes is now on soft launch in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Philippines.

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