Tricky Test 2 update adds 20 more levels plus a new game mode

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Oct 3, 2016

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Hey, remember that time I talked about Tricky Test 2, a free puzzle game by Orangenose Studio which made me feel like I had the intellectual capabilities of a baboon's backside?

Well, the game recently got an update which adds 20 more levels, bringing the grand total to 80.

These new stages bring more questions which will troll you endlessly into thinking that you are smart when in reality, you are a sad person who has conformed to the standards of everyday normality.

As with previous levels, you can choose to solve the puzzles like a normal human being or cave in and spend in-game currency like a needlessly rich human being.

Apart from the extra levels, the update also adds a new "Question Mode", which allows you to choose a stage you somehow managed to finish and challenge your friends to complete it. Though all in good fun, be prepared to anger a few friends as you compete to see who is cleverer and has an IQ higher than a sack of rocks.

Tricky Test 2 is still free and available on the Google Play Store and App Store. Get ready to have your minds blown and your friendships broken.

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