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Written by: Jon Castillo

TV | Dec 10, 2017

podcast Welcome to Night Vale

As 2017 comes to an end, it tosses a surprise gift for all of us.

Popular podcast Welcome to Night Vale is being developed into a TV series by FX, a premium cable channel in the US. Gennifer Hutchison, Executive Producer of Better Call Saul, is attached to the Night Vale project along with Sony Pictures Television. Creators of the podcast, as well as authors of the Night Vale novels Welcome to Night Vale and It Devours! will also serve as executive producers.

Nothing else follows from the announcement.

The podcast itself is based on a fictional town called Night Vale, where stories of the uncanny, spooky, and outrageous are as normal as EDSA traffic and told through news reports in a community radio talk show hosted by Cecil Palmer (voiced by Cecil Baldwin). It's not mentioned if the Weather songs, which are real songs composed by independent artists, will have a place in the TV series.

We can guess that the TV series will focus less on the community radio and more on the citizens itself. Or it can focus on the community radio but be delivered through an anthology format per episode, a la Tales of the Crypt.

Welcome to Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast that kicked off in 2012 that initially told stories that were spooky, strange, and horrifying. The podcast has since taken a more humorous route but retains the audio aesthetics that made the show great.

For now, we can all just sit back and wonder when and how the show will make its transition to television. I'm hoping to finally see what the hell Khoshekh, the levitating cat, actually looks like.

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