The European LCS team Unicorns of Love won over the Flash Wolves in the League of Legends best of five finals at the Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) Oakland last November 20, 2016. The match was extremely close as over the course of five games, both teams had their share of alternating victories. In the final match however, UOL went back to some old-school meta to push through with a convincing win.

Here is a breakdown of the results for each game:

Game 1: This was probably the closest game in the finals. There were so many turnovers and aces for both teams that it could have gone either way. In the end though, the final team fight was won by the Taiwanese Flash Wolves.

Game 2:  UOL answered back with a victory of their own. The players went back to their comfort picks and managed to pull off a win over the Flash Wolves.

Game 3: The European team kept their momentum with great performances by their solo laners and excellent teamwork in team fight, netting them the win for the third game.

Game 4: The game started with a wacky level 1 gank that was pretty much even, giving neither team the advantage. The Flash Wolves dominated Game 4 with their quick rotations and outplays at the start of the match.

Game 5: After a crushing defeat in the previous game, no one was expecting a strong comeback from UOL. They went back to some champions that weren't in the meta, but were still effective nonetheless. They answered each play with great team fighting and good shot calling.

This is the first trophy win for Unicorns of Love since they were formed back in August 2013. It's a nice way for them to end 2016 and start next year's season together with their finalized roster that debuted with this event.

About the author: Renille Ace Manaog

Ace is a Potterhead who plays MOBA games at night and creates Science courses during the day. She is also a unicorn on land and a mermaid in water.

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