Upgrade your soft, weak computer with the Apacer AS681 ARMOR SATAIII SSD

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Tech | Feb 27, 2017

Apacer Apacer Armor Apacer AS681 Armor AS681 Armor SATAIII SSD

We all eventually experience the slow demise of our computers. From delays in opening applications to the device refusing to respond like an overly-nonchalant cat, it's always sad to see a once current machine slowly age and get passed down to a less favorite member of the family.

Thankfully, modifying your computer to delay its inevitable bedazzling by your little sister is becoming easier these days, what with electronic companies producing various parts that serve as a grown man's Lego collection. 

Apacer's newest remedy to your ageing rig, the AS681 ARMOR SATAIII SSD, is fast. That's usually said for every new computer part, but this particular SSD runs on the new SATAII interface which provides a transmission speed of 6GB. While this is by no means on par with a superhuman mutant like The Flash, the SSD can boast a read/write speed of up to 545/520 MB/s and has an eight-channel synchronous transmission design.

But speed isn't the only thing that this SSD offers. The AS681 features 20G anti-vibration and 1500G anti-shock protectors, which are essential for laptops or people who live with Just Dance fanatics. It even has built-in Wear Leveling, ECC (Error Correction Code) functions, and supports the Windows 7 TRIM command, further increasing your operation stability and performance even after you think the storage device is on its last leg.

Now you might think that something this fast would cost as much as your dignity when a younger sibling uses your Counter Strike: Global Offensive account, but the ARMOR series is actually built for gamers who don't have as much money to throw around as a member of the Yakuza. Available in capacities of 120, 240, 480, or 960 GB, the SSD can meet the demands of various users who want to play anything from Crysis 3 to the simple-looking Undertale.

Armed with a 3-year global warranty, the Apacer AS681 ARMOR SATAIII might just be the thing you need to keep in touch with today's spec-demanding games.

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