Valkyrie Profile goes mobile

Written by: GameGulp Staff

Games | Jun 4, 2018

Classic 2D RPG, Valkyrie Profile by Square Enix is going mobile today for iOS and Android devices. Square boasts the mobile version now includes new features such as auto-save, autobattle, and enhanced user interface for touch screen gameplay. Very intuitive.

Originally released in 1999 for the PlayStation entertainment system, Valkyrie Profile received critical praise for bringing together classic RPG elements and a unique combo-driven battle style. A captivating story deeply rooted in Norse mythology brings a unique experience to each player, with varying endings based on each decision made. The game also features a timeless soundtrack composed by Motoi Sakuraba (Star Ocean).

The game costs $15, which is about 780 to 800 Philippine peso, give or take. 

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