Victuals: 'Potions' to heal those nasty boo boos

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Games | Aug 22, 2018

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Some dungeons can be tedious to wander around, especially if you started walking in circles. It can be a bit tedious as the hours drive by. But thankfully, there are Potions.

Drink one and you restore 50 HP. In ancient times, ancient RPGs, Potions were the exclusive healing items, one or two steps above the so-called "tunic" which is probably just water mixed with some dirt and sugar to sweeten it a bit. Gross. Not Potions. One gulp from a Potion, and you're good to go for the next few battles. Some Potions will restore your health over time, just like in Blizzard's Diablo series.

In newer RPGs, you get different variety of Potions, some to increase your attack power, some to boost your speed or make you more resilient to damage.

You never leave town without stocking up on Potions, most especially when you've yet to learn a healing spell. You grind money to ensure you have enough stocks of Potions, because you never known when that thirst kicks in. In Final Fantasy games you can even use Potions on zombie enemies to damage them, which is a pointless act of irresponsible item use. 

These days in modern RPGs, Potions just don't cut it anymore. All sorts of concoctions will fill up your inventories, more than you can ever care about. Then there are food supplements to give your characters those extra oomph. Call it a change of mechanics, an ushering of a new era. It's all convoluted. An illusion to make you grind for items you think you will need later. Some of those you might actually need, but you can always complete a game without all those clutter. But Potions? Unless you're running a no damage/no heal run, Potions are the mainstay you will need to quench the thirst of finishing a game.

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