Virtual reality goes to the movies with "State of the Art"

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Tech | Oct 27, 2015

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Earlier this week we had received a press release from the American Film Institute, about the upcoming "AFI Fest presented by Audi." Yes, that's what's it called, we should thank Audi for its contribution to the film industry.

Anyway, the AFI Fest is a two-day event called "State of the Art," where industry professionals gather around and talk in a panel about the newest gigs in film. That would be the implementation of virtual reality in storytelling. With the rise of 360-degree videos, why the hell not?

What this means, and we can only guess, in the rise of VR headsets - Oculus Rift, HoloLens, HTC's Vive and Samsung's Gear VR, and PlayStation's egoistically named, PlayStation VR - will have game changing roles in the near future. Imagine VR cinemas, where spectral beings are harboring by your peripherals. Explosions and gunfire everywhere in war films. We can see both the ups and downs of this. We think this will be as mainstream as IMAX or 4D Theaters. But won't affect the entire population as a whole. It's not a gimmick. It's just a new way to experience film. Nonetheless, the outcome will be interesting.

If proven successful, this could lead to brand-exclusive content, and with hundreds of new shows coming out each year, in different platforms, the VR scene will be missing out if they don't jump in the wagon now.

While, VR sets are hardly anything new, this is the first time the technology has reached the early stages of its maturity. There's still a lot of work to be done. But we're getting there.

Below is a list of VR films, directly from the press release.

EVOLUTION OF VERSE - A photorealistic, CG-rendered 3D Virtual Reality film takes the viewer on a journey from one beginning to another. DIR Chris Milk. USA

THE MISSION - With immersive 360-degree shots, THE MISSION follows the adventure of a WWII Special Operations team that is dropped into a raging battle on the Eastern Front. DIR Matthew Gratzner. USA

WALKING NEW YORK - and The New York Times come together to capture the birth of a new, large-scale street art installation in New York from renowned French artist JR. DIRS Chris Milk and Zack Richter. USA

WORLD TOUR - A journey through the vast experiences of our world. DIR Jessica Brillhart. USA


HELP - The first live action project from Google Spotlight Stories, HELP uses immersive 360-degree technology to drop the viewer into downtown Los Angeles during an alien attack. DIR Justin Lin. USA

THE FORBIDDEN ROOM - A LIVING POSTER- Initially designed to promote Evan Johnson and Guy Maddin's new film, THE FORBIDDEN ROOM, this looping collection of moving, morphing posters suggests an anachronistic collision between digitally corrupted video files and a damaged silent-era film print. DIR Galen Johnson. Canada.

POSSIBILIA - In this astonishing interactive narrative film by acclaimed directing duo, The Daniels, the tumultuous lives of two quarreling lovers unravel and participants choose how any given scene will play out from 16 parallel universes. DIRS The Daniels. USA.

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