Imagine living in a world where memories are synthetic, extracted and formulated into drugs that can be taken so that you may be anyone you desire to be. While you surrender to the sensations of a new, artificial version of yourself, you leave behind the memories of the real you, lost and buried deep within your synthetically brainwashed mind... Such is the reality in Void & Meddler.

Void & Meddler is a cyberpunk point-and-click adventure game with atmospheric backdrops, synthwave soundtracks and weird, pixel art characters. It is set in a dystopian future 'where genders and species melt into each other', according to the official description.

You play as Fyn, a cynical DJ who, after wandering aimlessly for two years, wants to regain her "pure" memories so that she could finally find the long lost touch of humanity missing from her life. As with all point-and-clicks, you must explore the city and interact with your environment to search for fragments of your past existence.

The influences of Philip K. Dick's works, William Gibson's Neuromancer and Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, are evident in the world created for Void & Meddler. Each location has a beautifully rendered retro backdrop, accompanied by neon accents and cool techno synth instrumentals for background music.

Among the city's residents are holograms, robots and human-animal hybrids. Along the way, you'll meet strange characters such as a man with an octopus head, a cyborg dog and your friend Jay, who could pretty much be the missing third member of Daft Punk.

Void & Meddler's story is engaging enough, even when it is vague at times. It's a non-linear adventure that can end in several ways. French game developers NO cvt mentioned that they plan to expand the game into 3 episodes. The storyline for each episode may alter, depending on the actions you take.

As I played Episode 1, I found the puzzles to be fairly easy to solve, but tedious to complete. Certain objects can only be interacted with when you reach a particular part of the story, meaning you'll have to revisit previous locations time and time again. It was tiresome to achieve the different endings, but of course curiosity got the better of me.

The dialogues in the game are poetic in nature. Fyn's monologues are like lines from a pseudo-philosophical poem, and mere casual conversations could very well be turned into song lyrics. One particular moment is when Fyn talks to a robot. She says, "You're buzzing louder than usual." The robot simply replies with "The rest is silence." It was a nice touch, plus it definitely added flair to the game. However, the translation to English still needs improvement, because some sentences had bad grammar and were a bit awkward to read.

Needless to say, Void & Meddler left a lasting impression. While it could use some improvement in some areas, the game is very well-presented. I am left with wanting to know more about this cyberpunk universe and how Void & Meddler plans to expound on it in the next episodes.

Void & Meddler Episode 1 is available on Steam. Episode 2 and 3 will be released in 2016.

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