Wander a malleable, hand-drawn world in 'Old Man's Journey'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | May 22, 2017

Broken Rules Old Man's Journey

Do you ever wonder what you're going to be doing once you get old and everyone treats you like an insignificant sack of potatoes?  

I have it all figured out. My last years will be spent complaining about how current video games rip-off classic titles like a very persistent Band-Aid. And while that's not really different from what I'm doing now, it sure beats sitting on a rocking chair and picking my nose while pretending nobody notices (they do, by the way).

I'd be much too tired to go on any more adventures, let alone the daily trek I have to make to the bathroom. And yet this is what the ageing protagonist of Old Man's Journey, a puzzle game by Austrian indie studio Broken Rules, has in mind when he decides to get off his ass and see the world for possibly one last time.

By emitting all spoken dialogue, not only does this remove the need for the old man's hearing aid, but it also allows players to drink in the homey soundtrack and hand-drawn landscapes that pepper this storybook-like quest. There's nothing ugly to kill and no heart medicine to take; the only objectives are to relax and enjoy the ride.

But that wouldn't make it a video game now, would it?

To keep you from going senile, Old Man's Journey has a unique mechanic that allows you to manipulate the foreground and background in order to get where you need to go. The old geezer will follow the routes you set for him and seeing the senior citizen navigate what would otherwise be a static drawing makes you feel like you're playing in a moving painting. The puzzles aren't time-pressured, either; so you can leave the game without pausing to make a sandwich for yourself and your grandmother (bless her heart).

Old Man's Journey recently launched on the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Steam. So if you're looking for a reflective story that can be played by even your grandparents, then you can use this game to bridge the ever-growing generation gap.

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