Weeaboos might have issues with the upcoming live-action remake of 'Kimi no Na wa'

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Film | Sep 28, 2017

Kimi No Na wa Makoto Shinkai Your Name

Whether you're an otaku or a romantic at heart, you can't deny that Kimi no Na wa (called "Your Name" by the non-Japanese) was a film that made you wish you had a special someone to call your own. Following the body-switching adventures of high school strangers Mitsuha and Taki, the movie became the highest-grossing anime feature film of all time.

Because of this, Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot have decided to adapt it into a live-action film. According to a Screen Daily report, the companies will work with the anime film's producer Toho to bring this fantastical romance to life.

Here's where things get worrisome: J.J. Abrams and Lindsey Weber will be serving as producers for Bad Robot. Makoto Shinkai, who directed the original film, is also nowhere to be found.

It isn't all bad though; they will be collaborating with original producer Genki Kawamura and Eric Heisserer, the screenwriter for this year's Arrival.

Hollywood remakes of Japanese films are usually crap, but here's to hoping this movie won't be as bad as it initially seems.

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