'West of Loathing' puts the "Wild" in "Wild West"

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Games | Aug 15, 2017

Asymmetric Publications West of Loathing

If you ever wanted to play as a cowboy while lassoing bad guys and making a name for yourself, then you might want to try Red Dead Redemption. For a more lighthearted adventure, there's West of Loathing.

Instead of realistic graphics, the folks at
Asymmetric Publications have chosen to copy the aesthetic of their free-to-play browser game, The Kingdom of Loathing.  This classic art style consists of stick figures, poorly drawn hats, and a color palate which features old-timey black and white.

But underneath this world that resembles the walls of a public urinal lies some very humorous writing. If you ever wanted to interact with a drunk horse whose face resembles male genitalia, then this is the game for you. Never crass or vulgar, the writers have made it a point to add various gags and jokes which appeal to even the slowest of minds.

Even though its primary focus is providing funnies, West of Loathing has tons of gameplay elements which keep it from becoming a crappy-looking walking simulator. The game has various puzzles to solve, townsfolk to practice your diminishing social skills on, and turn-based combat which doesn't involve any androgynous anime boys.

The best part is that like any good RPG, West of Loathing allows you to tackle obstacles the way you see fit. Don't like participating in a combat system that requires you to wait your turn? You can opt to talk your way around the fight instead. Inversely, if you want to skip the countless textboxes that come with being overly chatty, you can just punch your way out of a situation.

A three-year-old would say he could draw better than the game's artists, but that doesn't mean he won't appreciate it. West of Loathing is now available for PC via Steam.

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