What’s new in ‘Pokemon Ultra Sun’ and ‘Ultra Moon’?

Games | Nov 29, 2017

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Between the original releases and the new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, there are a few interesting changes. While all the seventh generation Pokemon make a comeback, new Ultra Beasts make an appearance to shake up the storyline.

You still go through Trial Challenges in the Alola region to win Z Crystals. If you haven't played Pokemon for a long time and are thinking of jumping back in again, this should bring fresh experiences from past generations. A few things were also changed, such as bicycles being replaced by Pokemon Rides. Then there are Z Moves, which are special attacks.

Brand new to the Ultra series is Mantine Surfing, which nets you Battle Points you can exchange for rare items. The Ultra Space is an area where you can encounter the rare and legendary Ultra Beast Pokemon. The Ultra Megalopolis is a world where the legendary Necrozma stole its light. Ultra Wormholes are portals which lead you to different worlds where you can encounter more Pokemon.

Post-game opens up more things to do than just collect Pokemon. You get to encounter Team Rainbow Rocket, which is a major throwback experience to past Pokemon generations. They even have their own secret villain den for you to fight in!

Also new is Battle Agency, where you get to rent Pokemon and use them to battle against other teams. It's a bit like Pokemon Battle Stadium, where you pick out a team and have random battles.

If you're feeling competitive, EV (Effort Values) and IV (Individual Values) training have become much easier to increase due to more options in Festival Plaza and Poke Pelago Island. These help raise your Pokemon's stats with the help of special items and train them without the need to bring them into your party.

Call me old fashioned but I'm not a fan of the 3D sprites; they may look pretty but they make battles a lot slower. This hurts the pace especially while hunting Pokemon. It would have been great to have both a 3D and 2D sprite configuration, but that may be asking too much.

What makes Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon two of the best games in the series are their extended stories which make more sense compared to the previous versions. They give you lots of tasks to accomplish, training Pokemon competitively has become easier and faster, and having to interact with over 400 different Pokemon is pretty neat.

I also liked how interactive the games were, as testing your skills with through Wi-Fi competitive battles is always fun. However, I wish they added a feature where your Pokemon could follow you around whenever you explore, like in Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver. I also wish they brought back Pokemon Emerald's Battle Frontier.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon were extensive gaming experiences for me rather than new ones. The added gameplay features make the games lovable and they take Pokemon gaming to a whole new level. 

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