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Written by: Mark Duque

Games | Aug 1, 2016

Blizzard Overwatch

Since the release of Overwatch last May, we at GameGulp couldn't stop playing it. So much so that we forgot to write a review on the release state of Overwatch. It is Blizzard's first original IP in 17 years after all. But since Overwatch is a online hero arena, it will be modified continuously. Some characters will be nerfed, others buffed, maps will be added, and mechanics will be modified, all to maintain its replay value. In a way, we own their asses, but in a way, they own us too.

So instead of passing judgment on the vanilla release of Overwatch, we decided to evaluate it ever so often to let you know the current state of the game, and not just how it was way back in its beta.

For self-proclaimed gamers who have been living under a rock for the past three months, Overwatch is Blizzard's first official foray into the world of Online Multiplayer Hero Area, never mind the fact that DOTA first started as a mod for Warcraft. It's a first person six versus six fast-paced shooter with individual heroes having their own specific skills and roles (kinda like Team Fortress). Unlike other first person shooters, one player can't go Rambo on their opponents if they're elite enough because the game encourages teamwork and proper team composition. And though there's no campaign mode to compliment their highly entertaining lore, they managed to weave stories into the gameplay and other materials that by the end of a few rounds and online comics, you'll know who hates who and who probably had a secret affair with one of the robot characters.

So far, since the first release of Overwatch about two months ago, it has continuously updated its gameplay. With the newest major patch, D.Va's defense matrix has changed, plus her own explosions cannot damage her unlike before. McCree's firing rate has increased by 15%, as if he wasn't a pain as it is. Symmetra's and Torbjorn's turret damages have been nerfed by 30%, while Zenyatta has been majorly buffed. On top of all that, we get a new character as well.

Ana Amari, Pharah's mother and an ex-Overwatch strike force second-in-command, was added to the roster as the first support sniper of the game. As of now, she's not shaking up any metas unlike when Mei, D.Va and Genji was released in beta, but she is pretty interesting to play since she can heal, buff and kill from afar. Her Nano Boost Ultimate which puts a teammate in a frenzied state is useful too, though you'll be pressured to perform when she uses it on you.Maybe we'll soon find her a niche when future patches create new mechanics but as of now, we're pretty meh about it.

Competitive play was reintroduced to the game after disappearing into the void when beta closed a few weeks before the release. It's available at level 25 and requires players to play 10 competitive matches before they can get a skill rating and start playing for placements. It's a mode for people who want to sharpen their skills and perfect their strategy to the very core. It's intense and exhilarating! If you play to relieve stress or play a couple of rounds with a friend to talk about life, then you probably shouldn't play in this mode because the intense stalemates and fast firefights can keep even Michael Bay at the edge of his seat.  

So far so good, and it shows promise. We have very little to complain about Overwatch and as it evolves even further in its development, we hope it'll continue to refine the currently great gameplay. Although, we're still waiting for Bastion to be nerfed (we know he's balanced in a way but he's still annoying as hell), and for a fix in competitive mode where the whole game stops if any player exits in the middle of the match. Also, can somebody please tell us more about Sombra? We'll just have to wait and see.

Overwatch is available for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. 

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