"Why Him" hits local theaters on February 1st

Written by: Stef Atega

Film | Jan 18, 2017

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Introducing your significant other to your parents is always a nerve-wracking experience - especially if you know the love of your life has a colorful personality while your mom and dad are the conservative type. You're never sure what's going to happen, but you do know that the initial meeting will either be awkward or just plain bad.

Why Him is a movie that focuses on this scenario. Heisenberg - *cough* I mean Bryan Cranston - stars as Ned Fleming, a conservative father who decides to visit his daughter Stephanie (Zoey Deutch) over the holidays.

It turns out that his daughter is dating a rich, tech genius named Laird (James Franco). While Laird is clearly well-off, he's also loud, expressive, and far from what Ned has in mind for a potential son-in-law. Things only get worse when Ned finds out that Laird plans to propose to Stephanie.

The film explores the relationship between Ned, a small-town, traditional father, and Laird, the guy with an anything-goes attitude. In the trailer, you'll notice Laird getting on the good side of the rest of Stephanie's family while Ned is having none of it. "The whole show really is about these two men and their stubbornness about how they maneuver around each other for the favors of the daughter," Cranston says.

While the movie focuses on an unwilling Ned and an overeager Laird, it also tackles a situation older parents can relate to: being left behind in a world of millennials. "Ned is an analog man in a digital world and gets completely lost in the conversation. He's not up on the jargon and isn't really sure where something's going or what it means. In my time, I've seen the milkman come and go and now records are a novelty," says Cranston.

Apart from this, younger audiences will be able to relate to Laird and Stephanie's difficulty of getting Ned to accept their relationship. It's always a task to get two completely different worlds to see eye-to-eye, and James Franco and Bryan Cranston look like they'll be putting a pretty funny twist on a topic that is usually as scary as your first kiss.

Audiences will be able to see how this plays out when Why Him premieres in local cinemas this coming February 1. 

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