Will Disney's upcoming streaming platform be successful?

Written by: Jon Castillo

Features | Aug 16, 2017

Disney Netflix

In 2019, Disney-related content (including films and shows under the Marvel and Star Wars labels), will no longer appear on Netflix. The decision has been months in the making and has likely led to the streaming service's acquisition of Millarworld. Disney, on the other hand, plans to release their own streaming platform with which to dump all their content into.

We don't know much about Disney's plans for their streaming services, but they will no doubt stir trouble for a lot of people.

Apart from Disney being a threat to the rest of the competition, the company will add itself to the myriad of streaming platforms we already have. While most countries have Hulu, Amazon Video, and Netflix, Filipinos have HOOQ, iFlix, and Tribe. Will people still pay for another streaming service, even if it has the big Mickey brand?

Disney already has assets that span across multiple platforms. Not only do they have Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars, but they even air certain shows on the Discovery Channel and ESPN.

Let's think about all the films and shows under those names. That's a lot, right? But wait, doesn't Disney already have a TV platform? It's called ABC Studios, and is shared with the ABC Entertainment Group. This channel features Agents of SHIELDAgent Carter, and the upcoming Inhumans.

Despite all of this content, it might not be enough for Disney to hold its own streaming service. What they need is more original content that is exclusive to the platform.

Netflix has been building its own set of original shows for a long time, with many of those titles becoming bonafide hits. With Disney overseeing their own streaming service, they get to call 100% of the shots and maximize all that Mickey Mouse money they have.

Will we finally get the live-series spinoff of Star Wars that was promised to us a long time ago? Maybe a Young Avengers series spinoff? I personally hope for a Nova Corps series spinoff that leads to a feature-film release of the superhero, Nova. Disney has the revenue to produce these high-quality shows and can green-light bigger budget original films exclusive to their platform.

I'm not saying things will kick off as soon as the platform is launched. These things take time to build. Come 2019, Disney will be ready with whatever magic they have up their sleeves and with the full support of a massive multimedia franchise, they will no doubt be successful during the initial launch.

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