Win money and giveaway items by joining Collectors Hive's ToyCon 2017 Raffle

Written by: Carlos Zotomayor

Geek | Jun 3, 2017

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Last February at the Denki Megatech Convention, we managed to talk to Frederick Puno, the CEO of Collectors Hive.

The platform is more specialized than other social media sites like Facebook because instead of letting you post horrible gym selfies that nobody cares about, Collectors Hive allows hoarders of unusual trinkets show off their cramped living quarters and connect with like-minded hobbyists. As long as it comes with a barcode or can be entered manually on their website (meaning your toenail collection won't be impressing anyone), you can scan every product you have and add them to your online portfolio.

Comic books, video games, and especially toys are just some of the categories where greedy Scrooges are prevalent, so it doesn't come as a surprise when you find the people behind this social media platform at a toy convention. This June 30-July 2 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay, Collectors Hive will be present at this year's ToyCon to showcase the platform to like-minded audiences.

But that's not all they will be doing! 

In order to reach the vast audience that loves collecting money, Collector's Hive will be holding a raffle throughout the three-day event that rewards one lucky winner with Php 5,000 as well as a bunch of other things to add to their collection.

But if you think you're luck isn't on par with a leprechaun, don't worry. Five people will be chosen daily to receive raffle giveaways at the event itself.

So how do you win said money and/or things that cost a lot of money?

I'm glad you asked.

After downloading the official Collectors Hive app on Google Play and registering for a free account, enthusiasts with a lot of extra stuff lying around the house can either use the app's barcode scanner or manually input the products into their collections. You also shouldn't forget to scan the contest QR code that can be found in the image above, as it entitles you to one raffle entry per item.

If the steps seem too confusing, here's a video that even a monkey could understand:

More added collectibles mean more chances of winning, so be sure to scan your relatives' collections as well!

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