The World of Final Fantasy demo recently went live on the PlayStation Store so we went ahead and decided to check out the PlayStation 4 version.

Don't worry folks; playing this demo won't yield any spoilers for the actual game. In fact, it's more of a standalone experience than an excerpt from the full release. It's a linear trek through one dungeon; there are no story elements aside from the various Final Fantasy characters you come across while dungeon crawling. You'll meet familiar faces like Yuna, Cloud, Vivi, Squall, Lightning, all of who will give you items as you interact with them.

Basically, the World of Final Fantasy demo is a tutorial. It seeks to immerse you in its unique battle system and Mirage collecting while introducing the world and the characters that inhabit it.

One of the main game mechanics in World of Final Fantasy is collecting monsters. Just like Pokémon, you can weaken monsters (or "Mirages", as they are called) that you come across in battle until they are ready to be captured (or "imprismed").

These Mirages can then be utilized in battle via the "stacking" setup, where you pile up monsters based on their sizes to form a tower that counts as one entity. When forming your stack, the stats and abilities of the Mirages combine, so it's up to the player to choose which monsters would go well together to form an effective combat strategy.

The rotary battle menu takes a little getting used to, but if you want the classic Final Fantasy battle control bar, you have the option to switch to that as well.

You also have the ability to call upon Champions to aid you in battle. In the demo, you can summon chibi Tidus, who'll emerge from the water and kick a blitzball right at the enemy's face while a remix of the Final Fantasy X soundtrack plays in the background. 

Storywise, the two main characters are Reynn and Lann. If you've seen screenshots of World of Fantasy, you probably wondered why they are in chibi form in some photos and normal-looking in the others. That's because you can switch from Jiant form to Lilikin form. This affects your stack setup so I guess it's another thing to consider as well before entering a dungeon.

There's not much else other than that, really. It's okay to skip this demo and just wait for the actual game to come out, but if you like collecting every single thing in your video games, then give it a shot because you'll obtain a Magitek Armor P in the Coliseum when the full version comes out.

World of Final Fantasy debuts on PlayStation 4 and Vita this October 25.

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